Welcome to the UN CC:Learn Teacher Portal

The teaching profession is on the frontline in addressing the challenges of climate change. Since children alive today will very likely live the whole of their lives with climate change, it makes sense that they should be prepared for this future. UN CC:Learn has a mission to build climate change literacy at a global level and we are looking for ways to empower teachers and students to better understand the issues and become part of the solution.

In order to help teachers UN CC:Learn is offering a selection of free e-courses on climate change through this dedicated portal. We have selected some of the most relevant and engaging courses which include a range of interactive lessons, tutorials and videos, all based on official UN content. The offer will expand in the future with more joint courses from within the UN system.

Each course results in an official UN CC:Learn certificate of completion for those who pass. By completing any one of these courses, or even all five, your journey has begun in becoming a champion for climate change in your family, your school and your community.

Join us today, enrol in the courses and make a start.

The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn) is a joint initiative of more than 30 multilateral organizations helping countries to achieve climate change action both through general climate literacy and applied skills development. UN CC:Learn provides strategic advice and quality learning resources to help people, governments and businesses to understand, adapt, and build resilience to climate change. UN CC:Learn is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).