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Sustainable Diet

Coming up in spring 2019!

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One Planet, One Health.

Be a part of the sustainable food revolution! Learn how your food habits and daily choices are affecting your health and that of the planet. Gain the skills and knowledge to make your diet more healthy and sustainable. After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Explain what is at stake: how your food choices affect your health and the environment?
  • Make better food choices that consider both human and planetary well-being
  • Identify ways in which changing your diet makes a positive impact
  • Develop a personal sustainable and healthy diet plan or project
The course will help you take action to counter climate change and lead a sustainable and healthy lifestyle!

The course at a glance

  • Our Choices Matter

    How the way we consume and produce food affects our health and the planet.

  • 1. Better Farming

    Why should we pay attention to framing methods?

  • 2. Buying Food Locally

    Why should we care where our food comes from?

  • 3. Is Processed Food Bad?

    Is processed food always unhealthy?

  • 4. Reducing Food Waste and Packaging

    When is packaging necessary, when and how can it be avoided?

  • 5. Reading the Labels

    How to get the right information for a better food choice?

  • 6. Changing Eating Habits

    How to change eating habits for a healthier, sustainable lifestyle?

  • My Plate, My Choice

    What will you do to improve your health and that of the planet?

Get your Certificate

After completing the course you will get a certificate. All you need to do is complete 70% of all course activities (including video lectures and exercises) and upload your own sustainable diet plan. 

Earn exciting badges along the way, including: the good farmer, locally sourced, smart consumer, or sustainable chef!

Special thanks to Danone for the support developing this course.